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Welcome to your notebook repair-, macbook repair-, computer repair-, and Gameconsolel-repair-service from Berlin to nationwide

Pre-requirements, so you can leave your laptoprepair, Macbook, computer or game console cheap at fixed prices!

1 You want a repair without shipping.

2 You're not someone who throws his money out the window.

3 You are quality-conscious and want a decent either repairing.

4 You want a quick repair but, most within 24 hours.

5 You want the BEST service - workshop there is.

Die guenstigste Computer Notebook MacBook Reparatur aus Deutschland
We offer you not only a great, quick diagnosis, but the effort required to repair fixed-price packages to 90% on the same day ready. What is good is copied. A well thought out concept for customers. We are the original. To copy an idea is simple, but not the experience and know-how. Repair MacBooks, laptops and PC Computers / we wait for our package prices.

The prices we can therefore offer as low as a result of years of experience, the solution have been ready and waiting to use to make sense to parallel other repairs.

A team of highly trained technicians and engineers is always available for your laptop, notebook, MacBook or PC fully functioning again as soon as possible.